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About Kipp

Kipp Report is the Middle East’s first online-only business magazine. Updated throughout the day, Kipp Report promises to be home to new business thinking from the Middle East.

Kipp Report understands business in the Middle East is in the process of major change. Markets are opening up, monopolies are breaking down, and the opportunity for new business ideas has never been greater. Entrepreneurs, innovators and creative thinkers will drive the next great push in the region’s economies.

Kipp Report hopes to reflect the colour and dynamism of business today. It will profile the personalities, companies and strategies that will change how we see business in the Middle East. It will be a forum for business-minded workers to discuss innovation and best (and worst) practise. Content-wise, it will be daily stream of news, analysis, opinion, slideshows, podcasts, and the best in business-related video. No press releases, no pap.

If, however, you do want to let Kipp know what your company is up to, feel free to mail [email protected], or if you have any comments on the site contact [email protected]