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Murdoch gets ‘house-cleaned’


Infamous media mogul Rupert Murdoch has finally given up his position on the board of his media empire; to many of his critics' relief.

July 22, 2012 2:15 by

Rupert Murdoch has finally stepped down from his director position off the board of his empire; including The Times, The Sun and The Sunday Times.

After the whirlpool of criticism that he suffered through in the last year and after every sniper’s aim pointing at him from all directions; this announcement naturally prompted claims that he was running away. Although, Murdoch has been numerously described as being “unfit” for the job, so his departure certainly creates a balanced argument.

Whether Murdoch’s way out was a consensual one with dignity and self-reflection is not yet clear, but here’s a hint. “This decision by Rupert is part of the preparation of the business for the upcoming restructure into two companies.” The move to step down from News International and Times Newspapers was explained as nothing more than corporate house-cleaning.

This was sent by tom Mockridge, chief executive at News International, to all the staff at the newspaper in an email circulation.

Murdoch may have created a large empire for himself or his family, but the fact of the matter is; he is more widely known (and hated) for a different reason. A reason that many say is unforgivable; creating a corporate and media culture in the United Kingdom and other countries where committing crime and violating privacy can be condoned as normal practice.

Although many of his critics (and there certainly are many) stand by the point that this isn’t anything more than Murdoch leaving his loyal staff behind to clean up the mess that he has created, and sweep up after him with some damage control.

Murdoch has been under fire ever since the infamous British scandal, which erupted last year. It was revealed that the News of the World tabloid had systematically hacked voice mails of various celebrities and politicians. The revelations have rocked Britain’s establishment and triggered three parallel police investigations that have resulted in more than 40 arrests.

It is still not clear who will head the media empire in the future, especially considering that James Murdoch (son) has quit his designation in 2011. Whoever it may, will have to live and carry the load of a mass scarring.

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