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C’mon. Bite that Apple. We know you want to…

C’mon. Bite that Apple. We know you want to…

Our polls show, that although marketing has done well to make us all aspire to have one, the reality is that we’re still taking home Apple’s rivals.

March 27, 2011 4:47 by

In fact, one of our followers, Tom Paye, drops us a line saying: “PC, but I want a Mac.” Kipp wonders, how many of the 57 percent in our poll feel the same? Are you all just Mac users trapped in a PC using body?

A special mention, of course, to the 13 percent of Kipp readers that have admitted they still live in the stone ages. We’ll make sure you regularly receive stone tablet-compatible newsletter every day…to Yaser Fouad, we’re glad to know you are a PC-using “person” and not a cyborg with an Austrian accent sent from the future.

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