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Cure for unpredictable drivers – UAE

Emergency steering3

Nissan developing innovative steering technology to offer new levels of safety to drivers

October 22, 2012 9:20 by

The Dubai Police traffic department has a vision, one they often refer to when addressing accident rates in the emirate. They push and fight to achieve a zero-mortality rate on the roads by 2020. When residents first heard of this initiative, they all encouraged and applauded it but when it came to the practicality of achieving it, mixed feelings kick in.

Nevertheless, road accidents and fatalities in the UAE, in spite of continued efforts by authorities, remain relatively high. In 2011, there were 6,700 accidents, 7,808 injuries and 720 deaths on UAE roads.

So when Kipp read about Nissan’s development of the ‘first ever’ independent control-steering technology, it made perfect sense. The automaker calls it the ‘Autonomous Emergency Steering System’, intended for collision avoidance even in the most unpredictable of situations.

While Kipp would rather be candid and refer to it as a ‘cure for bad drivers’, we realise that despite your driving tactics, unpredictable circumstances do arise, especially on the ruthless highways of Dubai.

“Nissan’s next-generation steering technology reads the driver’s intentions from steering inputs and controls the vehicle’s tire movements via electronic signals,” says the automaker. “This transmits the driver’s intentions to the wheels even faster than a mechanical system and increases the direct driving performance feel by quickly and intelligently communicating road surface feedback to the driver.”

In a nutshell, even in an unpredictable and seemingly uncontrollable situation, the technology should theoretically evade obstacles where braking wouldn’t be effective. When a collision is imminent, automatic braking and steering will kick in.

‘The system takes effect in situations where unpredictable risks arise, such as sudden intrusions onto the road in low speed zones, or when a collision at high speed is imminent due to the driver’s delayed recognition of the tail end of a traffic jam.’

We’re sure that this isn’t an overnight epiphany but we still take our hats off to the development of this technology. Kipp thinks that if the culture of erratic driving cannot be changed, then implementing high-tech features to intervene makes good sense.

This new development is set to appear in select Infiniti models in approximately one year.

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  1. dismanirie on October 22, 2012 12:23 pm

    And does the computer check the mirror before swerving into the next lane?


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