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Emirati unemployment on the rise

Emirati unemployment on the rise

Do you think there should be quotas? Kipp asked, and you answered. Here are the results of our poll.

January 12, 2011 1:28 by

Many may be quick to put the numbers down to cultural issues, such as a lack of acceptance for female careers, but a workshop hosted by the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy found one of the reasons local students prefer to wait for those government openings was due to lack of confidence to compete in a global environment.

And of course, one cannot forget the overwhelming number expatriates in the country – many argue it is a major factor in not only an erosion of Emirati culture but also in the high Emirati unemployment. So the question is, what should be done about it?

Kipp asked our readers if they thought there should be a quota for the number of expatriates allowed in the UAE, and we weren’t too surprised to see there was an equal split between our readers on this divisive issue. A not inconsiderable 31 percent agreed there should be a quota on the grounds that it will help protect Emirati culture; the largest group, 38 percent, disagreed, saying quotas will stifle economic progress.  The rest were rather indifferent: 19 percent agreed with the statement “Why bother now? They are all here” and 12 percent said they didn’t know.

Although the ambivalence and the split of the poll results probably accurately describes public opinion on the issue, this is something that needs to be addressed and soon. What do you think the government should do to ensure that more Emiratis join the workforce, in particular the public sector?

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  1. mohammed on January 16, 2011 9:02 pm

    I believe there is a misconception in this report that says

    ” One of the factors hindering Emiratisation efforts is surely the Emirati preferences to work in the public sector thanks to the generous benefits government jobs promise”

    Who said and what makes it a belief that government sector is unnecessarily generous as if its staff benefits policies were made on purpose to just enrich people.

    The fact is that government sector is the true benchmark for wages in the UAE. what this report is talking about on how low paid private sector is just a reflection of the cheap labor from outside the country and not the true reflection of economic situation of the country.


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