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Five reasons why retail companies need a mobile app

Prototype_Alexander Rauser_2014

Alexander Rauser, CEO of Prototype Interactive, discusses the importance of mobile for the retail sector

April 2, 2014 9:14 by

E-commerce through mobile phones is becoming much easier nowadays and, soon, you will use your phone to pay for your coffee, buy clothes at your favourite store, purchase groceries and more. Hence, it is vital that retail companies keep up with the app revolution and build apps that can be developed over time. Here are our top five reasons why retail companies need a mobile app:

  1. 1.    Geolocation: Imagine a world where you receive a notification from a shop to tell you that the shirt you looked at online last week is in stock and available in your size. Maybe there is a coffee machine that you have been umming and ahhing over and the company is offering you 20 per cent discount if you buy it within the next hour. This type of direct marketing that plays on the impulsive nature of humans could be an incredible strategy
  2. 2.    Push notifications: Push notifications took off in 2013 and will be even more prominent for retail in 2014. You could tailor personalised notifications based consumers’ buying history. Do you like this Michael Kors purse? What about this TAG Heuer watch? Even if they don’t buy every time, you will be the preferred choice of company later when they begin looking for certain items
  3. 3.    Frequent updates: Apps allow you to update your inventory daily, instead of monthly, like you may do on your website. It also helps you to do 24-hour sales on certain items or arrange giveaways on special days of the year. You can have a constantly changing and dynamic marketing channel
  4. 4.    Loyalty programmes: You can offer those who download your app loyalty rewards points, additional offers and so on. You must make your app easy to browse and website more responsive. Most of these elements are essential
  5. 5.    Retail apps to learn from:
  • 7-Eleven: The 7-Eleven app has a top navigation bar that gives you the date, time and weather conditions. It helps you to find the closest 7-Eleven to your location and presents tailored in-store offers
  • Best Buy: The Best Buy app makes it easy to browse products and has a handy barcode scanner for when you are inside the store. It allows you to check your gift card credit and creates a ‘wishlist’ that makes future promotions easy to personalise. It also has a RewardsZone, where you can preview all of your recent transactions and view coupons available to you. You can’t redeem offers here, though, which is a slightly disappointing element to this app
  • H&M: You can browse through the entire H&M collection with ease by using its app and you don’t get lost. You can receive push notifications and offers from your local store. It also offers a lot of pictures on current fashion trends

About Prototype Interactive:

Digital through and through…Prototype is a performance-driven, holistic interactive agency with a rock steady understanding for digital media. Prototype’s creative strength is profoundly rooted in creating bespoke digital solutions by detecting, mentoring and supporting exceptional young minds. Prototype believe there is a solution to every problem and by combining research, strategy, creative thinking and technology Prototype help clients tackle their challenges on a daily basis. Unified by a team of digital experts, Prototype provides the perfect formula for the next generation of interactive experiences. Technology lies at the heart of what they do, so they make sure that we’re always at the forefront of what’s new ‘n’ hot. At any given moment, you’ll find Prototype exploring new technologies and finding ways to implement them into our work. Using research and strategy, Prototype creates your online presence by adding value to your business and enhancing user experience.

At Prototype they offer mobile application development services for Windows Phone, iPhone (iOS), Android, Symbian, Blackberry and all the other big guns.

For more information, feel free to visit the company website:



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