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Forty-three percent ready to quit

Forty-three percent ready to quit

A large proportion of UAE professionals are in the market for new jobs, apparently. Kipp’s poll asked readers if they had plans to move on – the results are in.

September 14, 2010 4:34 by

Which brings us neatly onto the next group, who have perhaps thought of that already. Seven percent of Kipp readers do plan to change jobs, but have decided to wait until the new year to do so. That means an astounding 43 percent of Kipp readers are hoping to quit their jobs in the coming months. And if you count the unemployed respondents, over 50 percent (55.7) will be active in the job market.

A further 25.6 percent said they were keeping their options open. Very ominously, that leaves only 18.7 percent of respondents who are happy and settled where they are. Now, it could be that disenfranchised and unhappy employees are more likely to respond to a poll about switching jobs than those happy employees, but still – the statistics are striking. Execs and managers in Dubai and the UAE may need to reconsider the stability of their work forces.

As for the job seekers, well according to reports the country’s job market is bouncing back, so now could be the time to move after all.

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