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“Havas Worldwide” – Clarity to get excited about

David Jones Havas Worldwide

Euro RSCG has decided to ditch its old name and unify their brand under Havas Worldwide, as Digital, Creative and Media agencies...

September 25, 2012 9:30 by

As part of a rebranding operation aiming to underline a simpler and more transparent corporate structure and a unified culture, Havas has renamed the Euro RSCG Worldwide network and its agencies as Havas Worldwide.

In a context where digital has broken down the borders between creative and media and within the different communication disciplines, technology is in the process of transforming business models in many sectors and especially in this industry. The industry doesn’t make it easy for clients who struggle daily to deal with a multitude of networks, hundreds of brands and many different cultures. They’re looking for agency partners who are truly integrated and work seamlessly across media, creative and digital.

Havas’ main focus is therefore to deliver the most integrated offer that drives greater effectiveness, consistency and value for its clients.

Havas has implemented a unique business model with a simple, clear and agile structure placing digital at the core of all its activities and agencies, unifying creative and media assets and strengthening visibility of its global brand by renaming its largest network.

David Jones, Global CEO Havas comments: “A decade ago, we set ourselves apart by being the first major communication holding company placing digital at the core of all our creative agencies. We’re once again pioneers through the integration of creative, media and digital aiming to maximize collaboration and offer our clients a powerful combination of creative excellence, scale agility and innovation. We are the only communications group with a uni-brand structure and approach which makes life easier for our clients.”

The Havas group will now consist of 2 main brands: Havas Media, which includes all global media agencies, and Havas Creative, which includes the Havas Worldwide network, the Arnold Worldwide micronetwork (16 agencies in 15 countries on 5 continents) and all other communications agencies.

As of today all Euro RSCG agencies are renamed Havas Worldwide (316 offices in 75 countries, including the Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG WW PR, Euro RSCG Life and Euro RSCG 4D brands). Euro RSCG Middle East is now known as Havas Worldwide Middle East, Euro RSCG Corporate Communications Middle East becomes Havas PR Middle East, and Euro RSCG Dubai is Havas Worldwide Dubai. The rebrand will not create any changes in leadership.

This is the first time the Middle East witnesses such a big unification of agencies under one name,” adds Rachid Mtaini, Managing Director of Havas PR Middle East, Havas Worldwide UAE and Havas Worldwide Qatar. “This is the kind of clarity agency people as well as clients can get excited about.”

The rebranding also includes the creation of Havas Digital Group, a new umbrella brand that will operate across both media and creative. Havas Digital Group will purely be a brand name as opposed to a new network or new operational division and reflects Havas’ continued commitment to its digital at the core model.

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