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Here’s hoping the kids stay alright

Here’s hoping the kids stay alright

When it comes to these questionable toys and appalling behaviour, Precious de Leon isn’t waxing lyrical.

March 27, 2011 5:01 by

Mattel’s answer? “Grounded in a clever and humorous storytelling, Monster High characters deliver a positive message of celebrating one’s imperfections and embracing those of others,” a Mattel spokesperson said in a statement.

Kipp has to thank Mattel, makers of the anatomically disproportionate Barbie, for consistently contributing to the way girls and boys perceive their own body image. We raise our hands up to you.

Another toy making headlines is a babydoll designed to teach young girls how to nurse, as reported in Emirates 24/7.

Sure, the image of a little girl clumsily walking in mommy’s high heels and putting mommy’s lipstick all over her face is an adorable sight. But actually explaining the mechanics of nursing and making young girls aware body parts they won’t even have for a few years? Seriously, whatever happened to kids just being kids?

Made by a company in Spain, the doll comes with a halter top with two flowers representing the nipples. When the child holds the doll up to her chest it even makes a suckling sound.

How did we ever survive without this nursing babydoll? How did today’s mothers ever get their nurturing ways without this toy? One can only fathom.

The numerous comments left in the article for the nursing doll have been arguing for both sides. Only mildly abhorring or not, Kipp’s beef is with the collective presence of questionable toys that play to children wanting to play grown up.

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