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Home-bound: UAE, KSA residents stay put for Ramadan

Home-bound: UAE, KSA residents stay put for Ramadan

Holiday plans at a halt as nationals and expatriates prepare for Ramadan

July 24, 2011 3:37 by

About 90 percent of Saudi and UAE nationals will be staying home this August, according to a study from the Omnicom Media Group.

This year, UAE and Saudi Arabia nationals’ travel plans are affected by the fact that Ramadan falls in the month of August, clashing with the holiday period—with the staycation trend even set to grow particularly in Saudi.

Those who will travel are choosing Egypt as a prime destination, while others are choosing primarily Muslim countries. Singapore, Malaysia, Oman and even Lebanon are preferred destinations for male travelers while female travelers prefer Malaysia, Oman, UAE and Jordan.


Unsurprisingly, another factor affecting holiday plans is the added unrest in the region. In Saudi Arabia, 76 percent have stated that the political unrest has affected their decision to visit another Middle Eastern country, with just under 12 percent expressing willingness to travel abroad. In the UAE, people feel less affected by these events, with only 4 percent sharing these concerns.

Expatriates in the UAE (67 percent Westerners, 81 percent Asians, 80 percent Arabs) will be staying in the country over Ramadan. Meanwhile 87 percent Emiratis are expected to stay at home during the Holy Month.

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