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How advertisers use your online data

How advertisers use your online data

As Kipp reported this week, your private data is fair game on the internet. Anna Gibbons of [email protected] explains how advertisers use your data.

August 5, 2010 4:40 by

Measurability and flexibility

In addition to the precise targeting that digital offers, everything done through a digital medium is measurable.

We can track, in real time, how many responded to the brand and what they did as a result, either directly or indirectly; for example, visited the website, purchased online, downloaded a brochure – providing a much more accurate ROI metric than traditional DM.

Taking this a step further, when we track multiple digital channels, we can also start to understand how these channels work together to inform channel selection and weighting.

Digital also equals flexibility. With shorter lead times and access to real-time data, we can refine the banner creative, where the banner is placed on the page and what sites it runs on to increase the likelihood of the user taking a desired action. If a placement on a site is not working, we can work with the publishers to optimise placement.

The problem and the opportunity

If there is one hurdle to clear, it is how we deal with the increasing volume and complexity of the data.

This, however, is both a blessing and a curse – we can measure everything, but choosing what to measure and how we interpret it, is key.

The more we know therefore about our prospects and customers and what they do and don’t do when exposed to our messaging, the larger ROI on ad dollars.

Media planning and buying have always been the more data-driven disciplines (read: geeky) in advertising.

Making sense of this next generation of data requires a new breed of data and analytics specialists with sound technical knowledge and marketing experience. We need people who can draw meaning from the data so it can be used to develop client marketing strategies.

We are heading towards a more data-based economy, so media agencies must follow suit.

Anna Gibbons is business director of [email protected] Dubai.

- Gulf Marketing Review magazine.

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