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Pie in the face: how PR and management could have helped News Corp do some dodging

Pie in the face: how PR and management could have helped News Corp do some dodging

This month, WS MENA’s Andreas Keller talks about why PR shouldn’t be used like pain reliever tablets and what happens when bad behaviour gets rewarded.

July 27, 2011 12:59 by

As a leader, set the tone for your company
This type of thinking and behaviour also applies to the Middle East where the line between wrong and right is often very blurry. The many cultures in the market can also complicate things because people have a different set of values and standards based on their culture, education and professional experience. We’ve seen, among other things, many high ranking officials under investigation for financial wrongdoings and if there is any lesson in this it’s that at one point or another you will become accountable. As corporate governance, transparency and accountability play a greater role in shaping the future of business landscape in the Middle East, executives will need to be responsible for the culture of their business and the professional behavior displayed by their employees in the jobs they perform for them. As a leader you set the tone for your business, its values and the way it behaves. If something goes wrong, you can always find scapegoats, but the onus is on you. Whatever issues your company is facing, you should a) know about them before they escalate and b) put a plan in place to fix them as soon as possible. Murdoch failed on both of these.

Crouching Wendy, hidden dragon
The highlight of this saga has to be Wendy Murdoch who, at the recent committee hearing, pre-empted a pie attack on her husband by a comedian (I won’t even ask how he got in the building and where security was). Mrs. Murdoch got up and swiftly threw a punch at him before even the closest police officer could react. Given the significant age difference between the two, if there were ever any questions about whether she loved her husband, I think that answered it.

As I write this there are still many subplots being revealed so sit back, relax, put the popcorn in the microwave and enjoy the rest of the show. Who knows what the coming weeks will reveal.

Andreas Keller,

Managing Director,

Weber Shandwick Dubai

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