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Pepsi on the ball in Saudi

Pepsi on the ball in Saudi

Companies who profit from an area have a duty to give back to the community, says Tariq A. Al-Maeena. The Arab News columnist reckons Pepsi’s latest project leads the way in Saudi.

November 29, 2010 3:58 by

During the event, Ibrahim Bin Aweel, marketing and PR manager for GCCI of PepsiCo, highlighted the company’s pride in launching the campaign: “‘Build a Pitch in your City’ aims at developing the sport of football in the Kingdom and encouraging the new generations to the sport.

“PepsiCo is dedicated to contributing to the development of the society in which it has operated for years and in which it has the public’s confidence. The company sees social responsibility as integral in helping realize the dreams of aspiring stars.”

He added, “Jeddah municipality and the Jeddah District Society support PepsiCo International in this project. The opening will be the first of a series of football pitches in the Kingdom that will provide organized and safe facilities for youth to practice their favorite sport.

“PepsiCo has always been a pioneer in supporting youth development and sports events in the Kingdom and is now reaffirming this position and its commitment to the local community through this unique initiative. The presence and support of football star, Hamza Idriss, who holds a remarkable record in GCC and Arab football will allow us to achieve our goals of developing a local community and will open doors to young Saudis to become professional footballers.” Bin Aqeel concluded.

The star of the inauguration, Saudi national football player, Hamza Idriss, thanked PepsiCo for its efforts and continuous support of Saudi football through the various initiatives launched year on year. Idriss called on authorities and society as a whole to adopt local talents and give them a chance to practice their favorite game in highly developed, safe and maintained facilities: “Myself and many of my team mates in other Saudi football clubs played football in unprepared neighborhood grounds as youngsters. We were always at the risk of serious injury. With this initiative, there is hope that even more talented youth can develop their skills with safe and well equipped facilities that support their growth so that they may continue the journey started by their predecessors and raise the flag of Saudi football.”

Well said Hamza, and kudos to PepsiCo. Makes me want to run out and buy a case of Pepsi just to say thanks.

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