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RAKBANK ‘takes a crack at it’ and wins


UAE-based bank wins award for TV campaign featuring animated eggs.

June 20, 2013 5:36 by

Have you seen a carton of multi-cultured and comically inclined eggs recently? I’ll give you a hint, they’re animated (but you may have also seen them in print), unique, opinionated, outspoken and enjoy a good pun.

I’m referring to the cast of RAKBANK’s recent TV campaign, which featured the talking eggs to help promote its Islamic Banking division, AMAL.

Described by the UAE-based bank as an ‘unprecedented’ campaign with its advertising agency, Promoseven 360, the ad features six eggs dressed in multicultural attire – aimed at reflecting the country’s diverse community and symbolising “the birth of new hope for residents”.

At first, the eggs were all but responsive to the narrator’s sales pitch. However, upon hearing the mention of  ‘innovative products’, the six eggs, with widened eyes, leap enthusiastically out of the carton while two of them jokingly express their relief about no longer having to be ‘scrambled’ at the bank or ‘fried’ in queues.

Thanks to the campaign, RAKBANK was able to – during the recent 2013 Summit International Award in the United States – bag the Gold Summit Creative Award after competing against 5,000 other submissions from around the world.

The campaigns were judged on strength of concept, quality of execution, and ability to persuade.

Banali Malhotra, head of marketing, said that RAKBANK has “cemented its distinct reputation in banking by choosing to steer clear of the solemn approach to marketing” that has been traditionally adopted by most banks.

This isn’t the first ‘quirky’ campaign we’ve seen come out of RAKBANK, and so Kipp will agree that the bank has done its best to avoid the traditional approach to marketing that other banks (that we can definitely agree with) have grown fond of over the years.

For instance, in August 2012, the bank became the UAE’s first to release an official brand song entitled “Yeah RAKBANK” (which also happens to be the chorus). It was sung in English, Arabic, Hindi and Malyalam and effectively used ‘sonic marketing’ to promote itself and create brand equity.

It was funny. And at the time, much like with the eggs, we deemed it silly. And yet here we are, writing about it again.


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