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Ranvir Nayar takes a closer look at how GCC’s stock markets are behaving

May 17, 2012 3:32 by

Local mar­kets are definitely not in the same stage of maturity or development as some markets around the world. The number of com­panies listed is very small and the float of these companies is also rather limited. This imposes limits on the liquidity of the market, making them more volatile. Also, the bourses the world over serve a key function of providing access to cheap and easy capital, and this function is far from fulfilled by the GCC bourses as the very small number of IPOs in 2011 showed. For the development of the GCC econo­mies, it is vital for entrepreneurs to have access to this capital. Also, more floata­tions and higher number of listed com­panies would make markets less volatile and more certain. That would definitely help the companies and the economy.

Ranvir Nayar

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