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The best things about summer 2010

The best things about summer 2010

Trying to look on the bright side, Kipp wanted to know what readers were most looking forward to this summer. The results are in.

July 12, 2010 3:42 by

Well, we had to do it. Having explored the worst things this summer had in store for us (okay, the most annoying things) we felt we had to add a little balance to our attitude – a little yin to our yang. It doesn’t come naturally to Kipp, so bear with us.

So, in last week’s poll, we asked: What will be the best thing about summer 2010? Not as much fun as complaining we grant you, but a little positivity will be good for all of us in these hot and humid days. The results are in.

And for the largest number of respondents, the best thing about summer in the region appears to be: getting away from summer in the region. A healthy 31 percent of Kipp’s readers say escaping on holiday will be the best thing over the coming months. Perhaps that means us staff at Kipp can do 31 percent less work?

If not, it’s not too bad at this time of year. Like 18 percent of respondents, for us one of the best things about summer 2010 will be the peace and quiet at the office. With about three quarters of the publisher’s editorial staff away for three weeks each (at least) the office is a blissful oasis of calm and quiet.

For 21 percent of Kipp readers, the peace and quiet at the office is no doubt an irrelevance. The real perk of the summer for them is being able to take some time out to enjoy spending time with the kids. Although we didn’t specify which kids, we’ll assume they are your own. Or maybe you just enjoy playing arcade games at Sega Republic?

While you’re there, you could check out the rest of Dubai Mall. Almost a fifth of Kipp readers say the best thing about summer will be finding bargains in the shops or in hotels, presumably as part of the Dubai Summer Surprises events.
For a tiny 6 percent of our readers, though, that doesn’t hold as much attraction as the prospect of a nice cool night in. The very thought is keeping them happy, though we have no idea why.

And finally, the remaining 6 percent of respondents were presumably trying to provoke our ire when they said that the return of Modhesh would be the best thing about summer. If they really do love him they’ll be in luck, the little yellow devil is already everywhere you turn, lurking behind corners, patrolling random roundabouts, whispering in our ears…

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