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The one with Abu Dhabi

The one with Abu Dhabi

Dubai-ans need to chill out and let Abu Dhabi have its day in the sun, says Eva Fernandes.

February 1, 2011 4:11 by

When Kipp published the article “Look at Abu Dhabi, thinking it’s ‘all that’” a friend of mine was appalled at just how brazen Kipp was being. Though the article wasn’t particularly derogative, there is a general kind of sensitivity long time Dubai residents and locals feel about the current shift of attention and focus from one time darling-of-the-GCC Dubai to its quieter and richer big brother, Abu Dhabi.

Being one such long time resident of Dubai myself, I can appreciate just how difficult the transition really is. It is something like being an only child at another child’s birthday party. Generally used to having all the attention from your parents, having to stand through a party where the spot light isn’t on you can be difficult: you might just end with your hand in the cake or blowing out the candles before anyone can get to them.

But, it’s a transition that residents and nationals of Dubai are going to have make their peace with, sooner rather than later if the news today is anything to go by. Take, for instance, the contrast between two top business stories: ‘Dubai Holding unit suspends Tiger Woods golf resort‘ and ‘Abu Dhabi hotel guests exceed target by 8%.’ Where as one talks about the suspension of a high profile golf resort which was supposed to have 292 residential plots for palaces, mansions, luxury villas and golf villas and an 18 hole golf course, the other boasts of a significant increase in tourism and hotel rates, in spite of a bleak year for the global economy. One is succumbing to global forces, the other is defying them.

To be fair though, Dubai Properties have said that when and if the property market bounces back they will continue work on the project, saying: “This decision was based on current market conditions that do not support high-end luxury real estate. These conditions will continue to be monitored and a decision will be made in the future when to restart the project.”

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  1. pedro on February 3, 2011 1:31 pm

    kipp! your right, as a resident of dubai, i do get jealous when i sense this type of transition of attention…but i always keep in mind..that its just a matter of time..and dubai will be back on track..its got its own flavor ..expats can be nothing but greatful to the glorious days of dubai..ill stick around for another 5 years..and see how things to you in 5 years kipp!

  2. Andrew on February 3, 2011 4:59 pm

    Dubai can have the sun back, I preferred Abu Dhabi before all the Dubai residents started coming here, clogging up our roads.



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