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The worst is yet to come, apparently

The worst is yet to come, apparently

Dark clouds ahead, at least that’s what half of the world thinks the rest of the year will look like as they expect more acts of terrorism.

March 31, 2011 3:53 by

We don’t blame our neighbours in Saudi. After all, you’d tend to be a little more optimistic if the head of your state announced increased allowanced all around.

Next to the Saudis, Russians (33 percent) are least likely to believe there will be more terrorism this year, follows by Indonesia (34 percent), Spain (41 percent) and Brazil (41 percent).

The second part of the study is solely focused on airport security procedures, oddly enough. If it peaks your interest, dear Kipp readers, here are some other topline results from the survey:

– 84 percent of global air travellers say that the security procedures at airports for travelling passengers on commercial flights are a hassle but necessary. Still, four in ten (40 percent) say the security procedures are really not deterring or catching anyone who wants to carry out an act of terrorism.
– Travellers from India (53 percent), Turkey (51 percent), Spain (45 percent) and the US (43 percent) are most likely to say that the procedures are “too invasive” whereas travellers from Germany (15 percent), South Africa (16 percent) and Australia (18 percent) are least likely to agree the procedures are “too invasive”.

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