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The worst is yet to come, apparently

The worst is yet to come, apparently

Dark clouds ahead, at least that’s what half of the world thinks the rest of the year will look like as they expect more acts of terrorism.

March 31, 2011 3:53 by

Kipp came across a survey today and we’re not quite sure what to make out of it. Research firm Ipsos conducted a global poll that indicated 51 percent agreed there will be more acts of terrorism this year compared to 2010—12 percent ‘very much agree’ while 39 percent ‘somewhat agree’.

Is this a case of paranoia? I thought it was just Kipp’s job to be jaded. It looks like there’s not much optimism going around this year.

The question is: how will this affect consumer confidence in investing and consumption of goods, travel and other products?

Europeans (54 percent) are most likely to anticipate more terrorism in 2011 but citizens of Latin America are most likely to feel strongest in sentiment: 15 percent say they “agree very much” compared with the global average of 12 percent.

Citizens of Great Britain (66 percent, in particular, are most likely to believe more terrorism will occur in 2011, followed by those in Turkey (65 percent), India (64 percent), Mexico (61 percent), Belgium (60 percent) and Germany (60 percent). Citizens of India (24 percent), Mexico (23 percent), Turkey (18 percent) and Poland (17 percent) are most likely to say they “agree very much” with this statement.

In Saudi Arabia, however, people appear to be more positive. Only 27 percent are “least likely to believe there will be more terrorism in 2011 compared to 2010.” while 8 percent agree that there will likely be more acts of terrorism in 2011 as opposed to 2010.

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