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There’s no business like the show business

There’s no business like the show business

Abu Dhabi entices with its weekend getaways while Dubai banks on a tried and tested formula. But is it too tried and tested, asks Precious de Leon.

March 8, 2011 5:16 by

Now of course Dubai still rings in a few big names. Meydan has certainly made efforts last year, having brought names like Sting and Elton John, while this Thursday sees Usher bring his world tour to Dubai. And let’s not forget of course, the latest concert (/fiasco) that was Amy Winehouse last month.

These performers surely bring in quite a crowd. The Usher concert, for example, is already sold out, assumedly with many people coming in from out of town.
It’s a wonder though why there haven’t been any efforts to maximize this kind of buzz. There are a few hotels close to the venue and there doesn’t seem to be any collaboration from any sectors at all.

Perhaps past successes bring complacency. Even performers, who’ve found past successes, have had to reinvent themselves to stay current. Similarly Dubai needs to find a way the review the way it puts its acts together, or risk losing on good business opportunities to the capital.

On the other hand, Kipp supposes Dubai can always fall back on the regular revenue it gets from the almost freakishly regular visits from Akon and Bryan Adams, who have both graced the city innumerable times.

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