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Ticking clock on ‘Saudi Lingerie’ deadline

Saudi Women in Lingerie shop deadline

As part of the Kingdom's efforts to push women into the workforce, a deadline has been imposed on Lingerie shops to be manned entirely by Saudi Women

August 7, 2012 9:00 by

Due to the poorly controlled societal freedoms that Saudi women find unattainable, women’s fight to obtain more rights and the government’s continued efforts to reduce the unemployment ratio in the Kingdom; a deadline has been given to all Lingerie Shops that dictates that only Saudi women are eligible for employment there.

By the 18th of August, Lingerie shops and other women accessory stores must be manned entirely by Saudi women, according to the Ministry of Labour. Fahd Al-Takhayyufi, undersecretary at the Labour Ministry has insisted on cooperation from all sections of society and that any entities found in violation of this deadline will be shut; no questions asked.

However, this ruling has faced a bit of controversy as some find themselves opposing this law and attempting to foil the authority’s efforts in this accomplishment. Fahd stipulated that this is a religious, social, economic and patriotic duty, criticized such actions that are considered uncooperative and encouraged everyone to report any violations.

Keeping in mind the nature of today’s world, Kipp is still surprised that this rule would receive any opposition. Clearly, the Saudi Kingdom is miles behind where human right officials and the Human Rights Watch demand them to be but in this stage, where progress is at a snail’s speed, ensuring that women have a safe environment for work is a step in the right direction.

The UAE has Emiratization, now welcome female Saudization.

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