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Sky’s the limit

Sky’s the limit

Heard about cloud computing? Kipp hears it’s the latest thing to change the way your office operates. Here’s an excerpt from a Q&A session with Richard Snow, VP and Research Director for Ventana Research and Joe Staples, CMO for Interactive Intelligence, talking about how that will happen exactly

April 11, 2011 12:32 by

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Joe: “Customers still have a little bit of trepidation around security. That’s the thing customers brought up the most as a concern to migrating communications to the cloud. But there are some distinct ways of mitigating any kind of security risks. For example, at Interactive Intelligence, we provide an option to allow all of the voice recordings and the actual voice traffic to remain inside the customer’s network, inside that customer’s firewall. We also provide every customer an isolated environment where their software is running on a virtual machine.”

Q: What percentage of the overall contact center market do you think will make the shift to the cloud in the next five years?

Richard: “I think over the next five years we’re going to see an increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions for the contact center, including communications. The adoption of Voice over IP (VoIP) was down in the single figures, but over the last seven years, I’ve seen that figure go to the 60s and 70s. It’s almost becoming the de facto choice and was largely driven by the same three things: cost, fewer resources and it enabled people to innovate. I anticipate a similar trend in this market place. Today people still prefer on-premise solutions, but over the next several years we are going to see this go from single figure adoption to 50-60 percent adoption rates.”

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