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Sky’s the limit

Sky’s the limit

Heard about cloud computing? Kipp hears it’s the latest thing to change the way your office operates. Here’s an excerpt from a Q&A session with Richard Snow, VP and Research Director for Ventana Research and Joe Staples, CMO for Interactive Intelligence, talking about how that will happen exactly

April 11, 2011 12:32 by

Q: Where should an interested company start their investigation into Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS)?

Joe: “It really comes down to looking at taking their communications, the applications they’re looking for and having those served to them by a third party provider and changing the way they pay for that, moving from a capital expenditure to a monthly service charge.”

Q: Why so much success, when past hosted models didn’t get very much traction?

Joe: “The reason we’re seeing such an increase in traction or acceleration in cloud-based communications has to do with the trends. There are a number of companies that started the trend by experimenting with moving different computing or different software to the cloud and have found that the cloud was a good way of doing business. They discovered there was a lot of benefit to it.”

Q: How much momentum are you seeing in the area of cloud-based communications?

Richard: “I’m seeing quite a shift toward cloud-based communications, and people tend to forget that communications has been in the cloud forever. What we’re seeing is that companies are moving the way they manage their communications into the cloud.”

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