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Up in the air

Up in the air

As companies scale back on business travel, Kipp asked readers how often they’re allowed out of the office. Not very, is the answer.

August 30, 2010 1:50 by

The survey of more than 200 companies in 14 different countries found about 40 percent of the businesses have established a complete and total travel freeze, while about 25 percent said they have cut air travel only. “Almost 75 percent of the firms that established the cuts have admitted that the measures about cutbacks will stay in place until further notice or even until a certain change in the current situation,” says

The website also references a poll from travel management company KDS, which found that almost 40 percent of corporations have actually called off previously-reserved business trips while another third had to call off many international meetings and replace them with alternatives like video conference calls.

We decided to ask Kipp readers how much travel they got to see through work. After all this is a busy, thriving region with relatively easy connections – surely local travel is still a big part of business life in the UAE? The answer, as it happens, is no, it’s not.

Just 13 percent of respondents are traveling frequently for work, while less than 10 percent (just 8.7 percent) travels at least one percent. A slightly more healthy 21.7 percent of you gets out of the office for work at least once every few months or so. But Kipp is feeling sorry for more than half of you (56.6 percent), who either considers yourself chained to the desk most of the time (36.3 percent), or chained to the desk permanently (20.3 percent).

Which means we’re feeling sorry for ourselves, too.

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