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Why shop at Apple if Samsung is the same?

Apple Vs Samsung lawsuit come to an end

Apple's $1 billion victory in court is not really a win, says Samsung. Their so-called victory will not only backfire but also curb innovation and consumer choices...

August 26, 2012 11:03 by

“Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer,” Samsung said in a statement released after the verdict against them was announced. “It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation and potentially higher prices.”

Over a year ago, even before the string of “generic” patent lawsuits were fired, Apple and Samsung were never really on friendly terms. Even if they intended to be as corporations or heads of industry, the general public made sure that the two giants locked horns at every turn. Their products have been matched up against each other more times than Kipp would care to remember.

But finally we witness, to the relief (and detriment) of many, the conclusion of the year-old legal mess as a jury in California ruled that Samsung did in fact infringe six of Apple’s patent designs. The Korean company has been ordered to pay over $1 billion and could possibly face a ban in the United States. Although accusations were thrown from both ends, after 3 days of jury deliberation, they agreed that Samsung did infringe certain features like the double-tap zoom.

However, what may feel like a closed chapter in this patent nightmare is merely a stepping stone. Apple’s victory is a temporary one and a battle is over but the war continues. Not only will this lawsuit, as Samsung pointed out, curb innovation and growth in the industry but other software and Smartphone makers could very well shiver at the idea of dealing with Android software again. It has also set a precedent for other legal challengers to file lawsuits based on extremely generic design matches.

Nevertheless, to Samsung’s advantage, Kipp did find a particular report on rather intriguing. It discusses a blog written by Enrique Gutierrez, Chief Technology Officer at Digithrive. He writes about how he, while sitting in a local Starbucks, had overheard many repetitive conversations between indignant Apple customers bent over an open newspaper. Angry to read the headlines that “Samsung is in fact like Apple” they all had unanimous feelings that their wallets were violated.

Here is a short excerpt from one of the conversations:

Husband: “… Samsung’s tablet is the same as Apple’s iPad, and I paid how much for the Apple one? Honey, I told you they were a rip-off.”

Wife: “Oh wow,” looking at the screen, “… that’s a lot cheaper. Think we can return it?”

The conclusion is that while Apple was busy trying to vigorously convince the courts that Samsung is like them, they may have made the fatal mistake of convincing the general public of the same; hence unveiling a possibly self-destructive truth. If Samsung is like Apple then what is stopping consumers from rushing to the equally good, and cheaper option?


  1. Arti on August 27, 2012 11:18 am

    Another interesting article from you Aldalou. My 2 bits –

    1. The ruling proves that Samsung illegally copied “some features” that were exclusive to Apple like “one finger zoom”, and “bounce back”. It no way means that a samsung phone or tab is same as that of Apple.
    2. Having used both android and Apple, I can say that there is something more than a few features in Apple. It is the basic design, the amazing usability of apple products which makes one have a love-affair with them. You can give same ingredients to two people, but the end result would differ a lot depending on the drive and minds-set of the individuals.
    3. For people who think they were ripped off, I would request them to first check the other devices. I bet nothing can beat the simplicity and usability of Apples.
    4. One more point to ponder – Would you like to buy directly from the person who worked hard to get the patents or from someone who got them unlawfully!

  2. M. Aldalou on August 27, 2012 11:38 am

    Hi Arti!

    Thank you for the compliment and for your interesting insights. I certainly hope that people view your comment and take away from it as much as possible.

    You present some valid points indeed.

  3. MK on August 27, 2012 1:21 pm

    You both seem to be missing the point!

    What is now stopping consumers to switch from the apple held monopoly to the equally good Samsung?


    Now of course there may be occasional loyal customers that will blindly bow down and refuse to change their habits, but the number of users that are willing is much higher!

    This lawsuit win shows how their logo is now so much more justified; a bitten apple symbolizing their lost share in the market. Oh yeah, the apple is definitely not whole!

  4. M. Aldalou on August 27, 2012 1:25 pm

    Thank You MK for your comment. Yes what is stopping consumers from switching to the equally good Samsung? Nothing indeed as you said.

    That was the entire point of my article :)

    Thanks for reading

  5. Arti on August 27, 2012 1:58 pm

    @ MK – For sure there is nothing stopping people from buying any brand. There was never anything to stop them in the first place. I do not think that this lawsuit has changed anything on that.
    Samsung and Apple both cater to some segment and they would still do so.
    I really did not get this comment of yours – This lawsuit win shows how their logo is now so much more justified; a bitten apple symbolizing their lost share in the market. Oh yeah, the apple is definitely not whole!”.

    I would say that this lawsuit made the positioning of Apple even stronger, telling the world that they are the ones who worked hard for the patents.

  6. Coward on August 28, 2012 7:39 pm

    Arti – why would Apple sue Samsung for being the same if Samsung isn’t the same?

    There are three possible conclusions:
    Apple’s patents are invalid because they are obvious
    Samsung copied Apple and sells a better product for less money
    Apple’s claims of infringement are bogus

    In any case, it’s pretty clear that Apple is the bad guy.

  7. Arti on August 30, 2012 3:35 pm

    @ Coward – Interesting viewpoint. I would only say that use both and you would know that they are definitely not same. In fact Sansung and HTC both run on same OS, even they are not exactly same. How HTC has treated android is far superior.
    Apple did not sue Samsung for being “The Same”… It is about “some features” which are same and that too because Samsung copied them (not to mention illegally). If they had licensed the patents and sold the product cheaper, I would have still understood that they were doing some service to the mankind.

    But here is the case of outright stealing. Copying and selling would always be cheaper as you have no R&D cost to recover.

  8. Coward on September 1, 2012 1:44 pm

    Arti – this then falls into the category of the patents being invalid for obviousness.
    Even disregarding that, the jury foreman admitted that the jury ignored prior art. Apple hasn’t invented anything in a long time, but they’re great at copying and polishing ideas.


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