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Insurance provides peace of mind
Insurance is purchased only when compulsory
Terms and Conditions (small print) are clear and easily accessible
Insurance jargon (language) stands in the way of fully understanding each policy
Insurance companies try their best to uphold the details of the policy without cutting corners
Reducing risk, cutting costs and profits are more important to an insurance company than the customer
Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you feel your insurance provider works in your interest?
Have you had a rejected claim that you feel was not justified?
Do you trust your insurance provider?
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‘Swyping’ Samsung Smartphones

‘Swyping’ Samsung Smartphones

Morse’s speed supremacy on the telegraph is being eclipsed


August 29, 2010 9:35 by

The range of high-tech features in Samsung’s cell phone duo fills a book. One feature on the Wave and the Galaxy S that stands out for us – and promises to change the way we communicate forever – is the so-called Swype technology. As it stands now, even the fastest textmeister can’t input a message faster than a wireless operator with a rudimentary knowledge of 150-year-old Morse code. But Morse’s speed supremacy on the telegraph is being eclipsed – and it’s about time. Screens on these little Samsung gizmos have gotten so good that you can drag your finger across them to input the information, not unlike a stylus, instead of typing onto those tiny keyboards.


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