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10 presents Dubaians may want this Christmas

10 presents Dubaians may want this Christmas

With the economic slowdown, Santa will probably have a larger number of requests to fulfill. Here’s what we think Dubaians will be wishing for.


December 24, 2008 9:28 by

1. Please save my job/ please give a new job.

(Property developers have slashed numerous jobs; Nakheel recently announced 500 job cuts, Damac laid off 200 employees, and Omniyat cut more than 60 jobs. Morgan Stanley has laid off nearly 15 percent of its staff, Goldman Sachs, around 10 percent, Shuaa Capital cut down 21 jobs and National Bank of Fujairah has eliminated about 40 jobs.)

2. A buyer for my apartment.

(Property prices in Dubai have fallen drastically. According to reports, prices in some high-end developments have dropped by up to 40 percent, and overall prices have reduced by at least 4 percent.)

3. Let all this economic slowdown reduce my rent, and maybe even the price of the basic commodities.

4. Make me a billionaire. Either through an unknown rich aunt who just passed away or through any other way. But just make me rich.

5. Please clear the roads of traffic james, especially when I’m driving.

6. Possibly a brand new sports car. Of course, it should be environmentally friendly and also have space for the family.

7. Speaking of family, can you also please make my currency weaker/stronger against the dollar so that I can send more money home this Christmas?

8. Can most months resemble December this year? It was filled with holidays and was amazing fun. I really need more holidays.

9. A great holiday would be a free pass for a night at the Atlantis, The Palm hotel and all its facilities. And while we are there, can you also free Sammy the shark?

10. And finally, peace and happiness, and an end to the financial crisis.

Can you think of anything we missed?


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  1. NARESH on December 29, 2008 8:50 am

    I would like to ask for the following – Reduction in school fees, less crime, more safety, less of government charges / fees / taxes

  2. rex on December 31, 2008 1:56 pm

    ye one more wish:
    Let all the unproductive speculators who flocked to Dubai as parasites, blew up the market to unrealistic heights, and now feel robbed of their money or facing bankruptcy leave their Lamborghinis, bought by financing, in the Dubai airport long term parking lot before they take the flight back home.


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