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A drive for publicity

A drive for publicity

The Mini car rally on Saturday proved that PR events don’t have to be boring affairs packed with presentations and strained small talk

November 2, 2008 3:24 by

Why? Because the Mini Club, which was launched last night, together with the Dubai city rally, create a sense of exclusivity for Mini drivers. Word will get around that by purchasing a Mini you haven’t just purchased a car, but you’ve also bought into a lifestyle (although, really, it’s just a car).

The best part is that all the drivers who spent the day inadvertently advertising Mini cars while on Dubai’s roads will continue to do the brand’s PR work by spreading the word. It’s a simple, brilliant PR formula, but it isn’t used often. But when it is, it can create millions of dollars worth of PR.

Case in point: to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Monopoly launched an updated ‘Here & Now’ edition. Rather than merely advertising it, the company’s PR agency created an enormous, live Monopoly game that used the real streets of London as the board and local taxis as movers.

The game was a hit. Not only did it generate $3.2 million worth of PR, but it also reconnected the public with the board game. In the 2005, Monopoly Here & Now was crowned ‘Game of the year’ by toy retailers.

Now compare that to a dreary PR gig at a charmless hotel, where PR managers attempt to talk editors into giving them a mention; there’s simply no competition.

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