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Best of the Web: 5 superstars of the interwebs

There’s too much information online and not enough time so Kipp has painstakingly gone through it all to find the best bits this week for you.

February 2, 2012 3:57 by

A French commercial court is citing unfair competition as the reason for fining Google $660,000 because its Google Map feature is free. The court said that the company is guilty of abusing the dominant position of the Google Maps application and ordered it to pay damages to a fine and damages to a French mapping company, Bottin Cartographes. How do you think the telcos feel that Skype is taking up a lot of their business?
If you were commissioned to paint an office for an up and coming company and you were given a choice of company stock or cold hard cash, which one would you have taken? If you say stock, then you could possibly be like graffiti artist David Choe, who was approached by then-President of Facebook Sean Parker to paint the new office with the option of either of those payments. Choe went for the company stock, which is now reportedly valued at a whopping $200 million. Ka-ching! *image from
It’s a little better than planking because anything with cats is still pretty adorable but it’s still definitely not the best of the interweb has to offer. But you’re going to see more of it on your Facebook newsfeed so might as well prepare yourself. Apparently it’s all the rage. Breading Cats are basically photos of your cat with their head poking through the centre of a piece of sliced bread. Total facepalm.
In this piece by Gary Andrew Poole for Time magazine, he talks about how both Manny Pacquiao and Floy Mayweather Jr. may have realized that “by not fighting for each other, they can make almost as much money taking on less risky opponents while preserving the aura of invincibility.” Sounds like a dare, doesn’t it? Will the boxers think of it, probably not. For the love of the game or not, top athletes today almost never make a move unless there are enough dollars involved.

Is it a theatre or a clothing shop? It’s a hybrid of both, actually. Louis Vuitton opens its first Maison Roma Etoile in Italy this week. Described as a Cinema Boutique, it will house a variety of collections including leather goods, ready-to-wear for men and women, shoes, watches and jewellery. The clincher, of course, is that it us connected to a real movie theater that was built within the store grounds, where they will play short films, documentaries and original creations. Check out the film above for more deets.

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