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Best of the web: January 18-24

January 23, 2008 10:00 by

recession, big oil, IndiaThe Good News About the Recession
A recession may be upon us, which would mean fewer jobs, declining tax revenues, and sinking consumer confidence. Maybe it will finally teach Americans how to compete globally, says Slate.

Saving, not Spending, will Stave off Recession
Saving the money does two things. It helps reverse a borrow-and-spend philosophy that has become too common. We don’t save, says Loren Steffy, and if ever there was a time to save, it’s at the advent of a recession.

How Good Should your Business be?
Corporate social responsibility has great momentum, says The Economist, all the more reason to be aware of its limits.

Welcome To World Economic Forum
Criticized and even ridiculed in recent years by some, the WEF in Davos still matters for one reason, says Forbes, no other conference matches its power of attraction.

Young and Impatient in India
Workers raised in an age of economic optimism want it all, says Business Week, and they want it now.

Master of His Domains
Domain-name broker Ashley Saddul mediates the sale of some of the most valuable real estate on the Web. Portfolio meets a modern broker.

The Music Industry is Dying, but Music Lives
The free market has decided it likes its recorded music more or less free and not from buying a music CD. But, says Brand Autopsy, the free market has also decided it will pay to see a musician perform live.

Can Big Oil Become Big Green?
What if Big Oil transformed itself into a sustainable global power called Big Green Energy? The following Fast Company slides provide some innovative ideas for sustainable, profitable growth.

Let There be Lght (and Power)
Robert Freling has set his sights on providing clean, sustainable solar energy to the world’s two billion people who currently go without. His projects range from powering schools and health clinics to providing access to clean water through solar-powered pumps. Courtesy of Pop.

Business Travel Made Easy
The next time you or some of your employees need to hit the road, make sure you’re getting the best service for the money. Inc takes a look at the best corporate travel services - for every budget.

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