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Big Gulp—The UAE drinks a lot of orange juice

Big Gulp—The UAE drinks a lot of orange juice

September 12, 2011 4:21 by

The Middle East is a hot market for the fruit juice industry, according to the latest TGI surveys conducted by PARC (Pan Arab Research Company), in partnership with Kantar Media.

Approximately 91 per cent of adults consume fruit juice in the UAE, compared to 85 per cent in Saudi Arabia and 72 per cent in Kuwait.

Orange flavoured drinks are the most popular fruit juices consumed in the UAE. The second most popular juice is cocktail.

Plastic bottle juices are consumed the most, followed by metal cans, carlton pack, glass jar bottles and foil pouches.

More than nine per cent of the adult population in the UAE drinks fruit juice daily. Sixty five per cent of the population drinks weekly and 13 per cent drinks two to three times in a month or once a month. Around 11 per cent of fruit juice drinkers are loyal consumers. Twenty seven per cent consume mostly two different brands.

Underweight adults are less likely to drink fruit juice than those above the normal weight. Forty five per cent of the adult population in the UAE pay extra to save time and trouble shopping around. A similar percentage agrees they always look for diet versions.

The fruit juice industry faces an uphill task to maintain loyalty and increase usage with discrete segments of society exhibiting a different psychographic profile. These segments undergo metamorphic changes with time such as when a health-conscious cluster group increases its weight-age in the market. The result of which significantly impacts
the industry.

The author of this analysis is Shahrayar Umar, Marketing Director, PARC Dubai UAE. This article is originally published in Gulf Marketing Review‘s September issue.

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