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Fighting forces mass evacuation in Saudi

Fighting forces mass evacuation in Saudi

People from more than 240 villages have been forced to flee as the kingdom’s border tensions with Yemen escalate.

November 15, 2009 12:27 by

But a camp volunteer told AFP that the camps are not completely organized, and “distribution of blankets and pillows is still erratic because the number of displaced people is still vague.”

“My family and I have been living in a tent, which is not equipped with air conditioning because there is no electricity,” Ali Hassan Jrad, who is living in the Ahad-Almasarha camp, told AFP. “We get daily food rations… but some services are lacking in the camp,” he said.

Many of those who fled were also forced to sell their livestock at very low prices before leaving. “I have been a sheep farmer for more than 20 years and it is my only source of living,” Ali Mubarki, a resident of the Abu Hager village told the Saudi Gazette. “It is a good investment during the Haj season, but unfortunately there is no place that I could find to hold them,” he said, adding that he had to sell them “at a low price of about SR100 ($26) a head.”

“We left all our belongings behind at the time of our evacuation. We will rent an apartment in a nearby village but we hope we will be able to return home soon,” Ahmad Salh al-Mussawi, another refugee, told AFP.

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