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Hundreds Flee East Libya City After Bombardment

Hundreds of cars full of civilians headed out of Benghazi on Saturday and drove to rebel-held areas of Libya further east after Muammar Gaddafi's forces bombarded the city, a Reuters correspondent said.

March 19, 2011 2:54 by

“Do we have to wait till he (Gaddafi) kills us all before the (world) acts. We are very disappointed,” said Adel Mansoura, an air traffic controller fleeing Benghazi with his family and voicing the same concerns as many in the east at the failure of the West to take swift U.N.-authorised military action.

“When we heard the U.N. resolution, we were very happy and thought we had our freedom but now we have been left on our own to the killers,” he said at a petrol station where dozens of other cars queued for fuel as they fled.

Others making the exodus expressed the same dismay as they fled east in the direction of the Egyptian border where many Libyans have already crossed for fear of attacks.

The Libyan government has said it was respecting a unilateral ceasefire it announced on Friday and said rebels were raiding villages and towns to draw in the West. (Reporting by Angus MacSwan; Writing by Edmund Blair in Cairo)

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