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I swear I can’t help it

I swear I can’t help it

We need your help finding a BBC documentary on tourettes syndrome.

June 1, 2009 2:21 by

Dear Readers,

A BBC documentary on tourettes syndrome called I swear I don’t mean it aired in the UK on May 28. We know that tourettes is a neuropsychiatric disorder that destroys lives, but it’s still funny.

Unfortunately, we can’t access it on the BBC’s website, and we can’t find it on video sharing sites. We’ve seen a few clips of it – like this one (if you’re sensitive soul, don’t watch it) – but we need more.

We need your help. If you know where to find it, please let us know. If you can’t find the whole documentary, we’d settle for short clips.

And yes, it’s that funny.



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