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Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Keeping up the pace with new fitness trends

Keeping up the pace with new fitness trends

Man did not grow poor by crow-barring the term ‘lifestyle’ onto every available product. The fitness sector is no different. It is not enough to keep yourself fit, it is how you choose to keep yourself fit.


June 25, 2008 8:32 by

fitness, health, innovation, trends, US, wii, expresso fitness, xflosionMan did not grow poor by crow-barring the term ‘lifestyle’ onto every available product. The fitness sector is no different. It is not enough to keep yourself fit, it is how you choose to keep yourself fit.

The sector has seen so many fads it makes the fashion industry look sober and conservative. Trend Central, the trend spotting arm of The Intelligence Group, has three new ideas from the US. Expect the Gulf’s booming fitness market to adopt some of them.

Xflosion: By combining elements of yoga, martial arts, and freestyle dance, certified mind/body fitness expert Eric Paskel has created “an extraordinary full-body, calorie-torching workout,” with his Xflowsion technique. A native of Michigan (where the Xflowsion movement began), Paskel is known for his high energy, hard core classes that leave participants extremely liberated, empowered, strengthened… and sweaty.

Expresso Fitness : Under normal circumstances, says Trend Central, we tend to avoid upright exercise bicycles at the gym at all costs (unless all of the treadmills and elliptical machines are taken); but the high-tech brilliance of the Expresso Fitness bike makes this cycling simulator the exception to the rule. The web-enabled technology and LCD screen allow bikers to engage in real time competition with other members of the Expresso Fitness online community – whether the cyclists are cycling at the same facility or hundreds of miles away – on a variety of different courses and terrains. Users can also choose to cycle solo, in which case they go up against the virtual cyclists embedded in the program. In either case, the moveable handlebars, adjustable gear shift and crisp, digital graphics allow users to become completely immersed in a gaming-like experience that makes the act of exercise less excruciating and more fun and exhilarating.

Wii Training at Le Parker Meridien: Already known for quirky trendsetting services and amenities, Le Parker Meridien has added virtual training to the roster of private workout offerings available at Gravity, the hotel’s fitness and spa facility. Using the facility’s racquetball court as a backdrop, Nintendo’s Wii Sports games (namely tennis and boxing) are projected off of a 20-foot wall, and with the help of a personal trainer and state of the art surround sound system, guests are immersed in an unexpectedly rigorous, video game-driven workout. The court can also be rented out by the hour by hotel guests and local residents alike who’d like to play a match or two of Wii Tennis in a space that’s quite a bit larger than a hotel room…or an average Dubai studio apartment.


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