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L’Abeille de Guerlain

L’Abeille de Guerlain

“I followed the bee,” says Thierry Wasser prettily. With, in his sights, “big bright yellow flowers, the ones you see in summer in fields of colza”


November 9, 2010 1:06 by

A sculptural bottle… Do not be taken in by the bee’s apparent modesty. This is, after all, a Guerlain bee. To flourish, it requires fragrant air, pale gold light and delicate hands. The hands that designed, cut and polished it are more than delicate, since they contain the memory of precious craftsmanship and the creativity without which tradition cannot survive. From these virtuoso hands, a bee-flacon emerged. In Baccarat crystal, faceted like a diamond. A flacon that endlessly flirts with light…

“I followed the bee,” says Thierry Wasser prettily. With, in his sights, “big bright yellow flowers, the ones you see in summer in fields of colza”. From his imaginary journey, he brought back a fragrance that doubly harmonizes with its bottle: its pale, straw-coloured juice lights up the crystal like a ray of sunshine, and its olfactory perfection is a tribute to the rare beauty of the object. A garden seen by a bee is what Thierry Wasser has conjured up for us.

A green gust of air, to start with, “loaded with crispness and chlorophyll”, of the kind Thierry Wasser has made his signature. A scent of grass, full of dense, rich sap, which forbids the floral notes to flirt with sentimentality, announces their presence from a distance, and retains the possibility of springing a surprise later on. And here are the flowers, bringing with them sunshine. Mimosa, orange blossom, jasmine… A touch of yellow velvet, a hint of airy chiffon, the sensual slip of satin… All of this infuses our skin and our soul. An admirably measured caress, vivid and generous, fresh and intoxicating, voluptuous and ethereal. The perfect harmony of breeze, sun and flowers.

Our chaste bee – Saint Augustine and Saint Ambrose awarded it a seal of purity, and who, among all worldly creature, can boast as much? – our chaste bee, then, is it actually aware that it offers us the most exquisite of pleasures in drops of gold? It even gives us precious honeyed notes. The same honey which “harmonizes beautifully with summer flowers,” says Thierry Wasser, but which “in the wrong hands soon acquires a waxy aspect”. May he rest assured, his honey is pure perfection, “pervasive yet not overwhelming”, weaving around admirable, powdery iris a delicate web.

As befits a truly exceptional fragrance and flacon, just 47 numbered bottles, each contain Parfum 245 ml.


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