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March 26

March 26

In Dubai, the Party's Far from Over; Credit is Dead. Long Live Cash!; A Billionaire's Pact With God; Top 10 Product Recalls; How Google and Apple Came Up With Their Names; More Than a Slapped Wrist?

March 25, 2010 6:43 by

In Dubai, the Party’s Far from Over
Dubai will bounce back, opines Syed Ali in The Guardian, because the city still holds the dream for expatriate wannabes who want to relocate.


A Tea Party Without Nuts
Al though US President Obama’s passage of the healthcare bill is exhilarating, it is also sobering, as he had to buy off companies and cut numerous side deals to make it happen – all without a single Republican vote. The country now needs a “Tea Party of the radical center,” says Thomas Friedman on The New York Times, which will empower independents and centrists to break America’s two-party system.


Credit is Dead. Long Live Cash!

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the US has gone on a drastic debt diet, says Newsweek. And so individuals and businesses – large and small, are now learning to operate in an environment where cash is king.


More Than a Slapped Wrist?

Britain recently expelled an Israeli diplomat, becoming the first Western government to do more than express its anger with Israel after the row over the killing of a Hamas official in Dubai. But it might not be the last government to take such a drastic measure, says the Economist.


Google: Slow Boat from China or a Slow Death?

Analysts say that Google’s step to leave China and continue its operations via Hong Kong may not be politically sustainable for long, reports The Telegraph. That’s because many companies would hesitate from dealing with the internet giant for fear of upsetting the Chinese government.


A Billionaire’s Pact With God

Albert Gubay, an 82-year-old British retail entrepreneur, has put his business empire worth around $1.1 billion into a charitable trust, to fulfill a promise made when he started his career, says Forbes.


The 50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate 2010

A Bloomberg Business Week report found that some of the most influential people in America’s real estate industry include people who manage millions of acres of land, economists, academics, and government officials, among others. Business Week lists out the top 50 names.


Top 10 Product Recalls

US-based Infantino announced on Wednesday that it would pull out more than 1 million of its baby carriers from the market, after the slings allegedly killed at least three infants. In the light of this recent case, Time magazine checks out some of the most prominent product recalls in history.


How Google and Apple Came Up With Their Names

Business Insider checks out the stories behind how 13 technology companies including HP and Apple got their names.


Another 12 Funny Facebook Fails

Some people shouldn’t be allowed on social networking sites, says Oddee, and lists examples to illustrate why.


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