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May 30

May 29, 2008 10:00 by

kiwi, dubai, recession, businessDesert Jewel, Rough Diamond
In 2007, more than 700 Kiwis shifted to the UAE. But Dubai rates low as a destination for Kiwis says the New Zealand Herald, and tries to find out why.

Starting Up in a Down Economy
Nobody loves a recession. But many successful entrepreneurs say that they were lucky to have launched their businesses in tough times, reports Inc.

The Beauty Bust
Waterproof, smudgeproof…recession-proof? Conventional wisdom says lipstick and perfume do well in a recession. But this time it could different, says Portfolio.

Keep Petrol Expensive
One of Gordon Brown’s greatest mistakes was abandoning the fuel-tax escalator says Anatole Kaletsky in The Times.

Old Dubai Clings to Life
Reuters peeps into the Bastakiya area in Dubai, to see how the old city exists amidst the glamorous, expanding emirate.

Rough Edges and Attention
If you want to get noticed, don’t be so polished, says Seth Godin.

Make Money off Freegans
Freegans, the rebels of consumerism, live from the dump. But there are some ways to capitalize on them says Business Pundit, and suggests a few.

10 Most Creative Business Cards
Is your business card saying enough about your business? Oddee selects ten of the most creative - and appropriate - designs. It could be time for a rethink.

Around the World on a Tank of Gas
Get ready for a new guessing game to pass those long hours on the road, says Business Week. Who pays the most to fill up the tank?

The Business of Broadway
Getting a Broadway show to make money is notoriously tough. But not impossible. Fast Company hears from a number of thriving entrepreneurs.

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