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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

It’s a year since the public memorial service for singer Michael Jackson. His revolutionary music attracted fans in the hundreds of millions, but who were his more personal connections?

July 11, 2010 12:06 by

It was aboard a yacht in Cannes that their unexpected friendship was born. Michael Jackson and billionaire Saudi prince Al Waleed bin Talal would later team up on some ambitious business enterprises. Clean family fun was the order of the day in 1997, when the two announced the creation of a joint venture aimed at bringing more family-themed concerts, films, parks , and hotels, to the paying public.

“Jackson and the prince may be one of the strangest pairings in show business,” Time Magazine suggested in 1997, “but Al Waleed seems to be making it work.”

In 1996, the two teamed up on Kingdom Entertainment, a joint enterprise that reportedly led to a deal with Sony, Jackson’s record label.

“The Alwaleed-Jackson company also acquired 55 percent ownership of Landmark Entertainment Group, famous for such design projects as the Forum shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and the Terminator II 3-D ride at Universal Studio’s park in Orlando,” the report added.

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