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Network of Budget in Dubai

Network of Budget in Dubai

Buying budget isn’t a particularly Dubai-an mindset, but it is slowly catching on. Kipp takes a quick look at the small but growing network of budget in Dubai.

June 13, 2011 4:15 by

So Groupon may have finally launched in the UAE, but as far as budget group-buying is concerned it is Gonabit and Cobone that have dominate the UAE market. GoNabIt, which started up mid-2010, ‘nabbed’ Dh100,000 in savings for its subscribers in its first four weeks of beta operation in Dubai. Similarly, was launched in August by Jabbar Media Group, offering discounts on various deals including yacht rentals and restaurants. Since its launch it has been doing outstandingly well, apparently. How well, you ask? Well one offer for a cinema resulted in the sale of 2,400 coupons in less than a day. That’s a lot of cinema seats filled.

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