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Network of… Shilpa Shetty

Network of… Shilpa Shetty

She’s rumoured to be the Burj Khalifa’s latest resident, thanks to her millionaire husband. Perhaps some of her network of movie stars and business tycoons will be dropping by.

November 25, 2010 4:15 by

Modi was the driving force behind the wildly successful Indian Premier League, in which Rajastan Royals  – Shetty’s team – play. The pair are well acquainted, so much so that when Modi came under fire from the income tax department in India, Shetty leapt to the defence of the former IPL commissioner.

It didn’t help Modi, however. The tax department found that Modi had silent stakes in no less than three IPL teams, and has helped family and friends invest in some teams. There are also allegations of match fixing and betting involving Modi. Despite helping to form one of the world’s biggest sports (now worth more than $4 billion), Modi was suspended as Chairman and Commissioner of the IPL in April this year.

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