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Network of… Sir Steve Redgrave

Network of… Sir Steve Redgrave

One of the greatest Olympians there ever was is in the UAE, but why? Click here to find out, and to see some of the names in the great man’s address book.

March 8, 2011 4:59 by

While here to bolster the UAE’s Olympic dreams, Sir Steve was hosted by our very own Nadir Bin Hendi, who introduced Redgrave to the cockpit of a class one power boat.

The boat belonged to the inspirationally named Victory Team, in which Bin Hendi is a key player. From his bio at the Victory Team site: “He won the World, Middle East and Edox Pole Position Championships for the first time in 2008, successfully defending all three last year, and has won twelve Grands prix. In 2009, he also lifted the Class Three (Six Litre) World Championship this time as driver to Arif Al Zafeen on throttles in Fazza S3.” But then he’s used to winning, he’s also taken home the Aquabike World Championships three times.

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, his day job is the rather more sober Dubai National Gas Company.

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