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Pulling teeth: the unenviable task of getting basic information out of an inhouse PR department

Getting basic information from an in-house PR agency in Dubai can prove a Herculean task. We challenged 10 of them to provide Kipp with some tricky, but not impossible, bits of company information.

June 30, 2008 10:16 by

Emirates Golf Club

Q: How much water does the club use each day?

Getting through to the Emirates Golf Club PR people was quite an interesting if slightly painful experience. We were transferred (on phone) from the reception to the HR department, to the marketing, to (amusingly) the maintenance department, via someone else in between, who works in we’re not sure department. They were even planning to put us to the accounts dept, but we escaped that and, after sending an email, were finally able to reach the right ears. The information was promised by Sunday (three days after our notional deadline) and we are still waiting for it.

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Q: How many people work at Emirates and how many of them are single?

While Emirates reaches more than 100 destinations in the world, it is quite a task to reach their public relations office. For one, the corporate office number listed on their website is rarely picked up.

After we managed to reach them on phone, they asked us for the now traditional “e-mail us with the questions.” To their credit the PR person did reply to email, saying “I just spoke with my team here and it will not be possible for us to give out this information.”

When we asked them what the problem was, because again in this case, we wanted no names, just the numbers, we got a very brief response: “We don’t have the info.”

They don’t know how many people work there? Strange.

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