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Pulling teeth: the unenviable task of getting basic information out of an inhouse PR department

Getting basic information from an in-house PR agency in Dubai can prove a Herculean task. We challenged 10 of them to provide Kipp with some tricky, but not impossible, bits of company information.

June 30, 2008 10:16 by


Q: How deep is the water around the Palm Jumeirah?

Patience has not yet paid off with Nakheel, the famed builders of the Palm and the World. Kipp can more or less recite, word for word, the company’s promotional song, playing on the line while you’re on hold. This heady list of achievements was about the only thing we heard from them, despite more than 10 phone calls. The company has no press contact listed on their website, and e-mailing them has yet to yield any response.

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Q: How many projects are do you have in progress? How many are on schedule?

The private real estate developer, in spite of being in the news for all the wrong reasons recently (or maybe because of that), was very helpful. A single call and a mail got us a response, and when we were not quite satisfied with that, we got another mail with further details. Damac tell us they have delivered 1170 units so far, are planning to deliver 1,734 homes and offices before the year end, and are planning to deliver 6,900 units by the end of 2010. Frustrated home buyers might say this is open to debate, but full marks for the speed of response.

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Dubai Duty Free

Q: What are the three best selling products in your Dubai shops?

A phone call and two mails managed to do the trick in his case. Here is the list.

1. Allure Homme Sport EDT (perfume)

2. Johnnie Walker Black Label 1 litre (liquor)

3. 22kt Gold ornaments

If only every call was this straightforward.

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