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Put yourself in her Choos

Put yourself in her Choos

Fashion blogger Bébhinn Kelly on how to tap the spending power of the Middle East’s Facebook fashionistas and online yummy mummies.

April 27, 2010 9:15 by, a blog written by a long-term UAE resident, has more than 7,000 visitors a month. Seven hundred twitter followers and more than 4,000 fans on Facebook help to drive traffic to the website.

My own website,, has a fanpage which grows at a rate of two new fans a day. I never advertise or promote the page and yet the country with the second highest fan base is Saudi Arabia (the first is the UAE). Fans are women of 20-44 years.

At a conservative estimate 20,000 savvy women are loyal to these blogs. These women, if dealt with properly, could become as loyal to your brand as they are to the blogs.

Now that we’ve established there’s a significant female market online, how do we get their attention?

Whether marketing to women online or offline there are important things to remember–a woman 25-40 years is highly likely to go through key changes.

Marriage, births, promotions, job changes, body changes, cutting down on workload and working from home are all likely to occur during this time. These changes are expensive and bring with them huge opportunities for purchasing and marketing.

In general, the older a woman gets, the busier she gets. And the busier she gets, the more hassle it is for her to change brands.

In all purchases relating to marriage, home and children the woman (whether she is the breadwinner or not) is the chief decision-maker. Market to her, get her loyalty and most likely you will get her children’s, too.

Treat the girly geeks, fashionista Facebookers, and mommy bloggers as the intelligent, income-earning, decision-making women they are.

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. Women are social animals so use that to your advantage.

Educate on your product, and immerse them in your brand by encouraging chat and interaction both with the brand and with other users of the brand.

If a forum is not an option for you, tweet. If you are not on twitter, speak to an influential female social media user, work with her and use her following and influence.

Take her place.

Whether creating online banner ads or print ads the rules are the same. Relate to your client; don’t patronize her.

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