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Put yourself in her Choos

Put yourself in her Choos

Fashion blogger Bébhinn Kelly on how to tap the spending power of the Middle East’s Facebook fashionistas and online yummy mummies.

April 27, 2010 9:15 by

All the women at the event got the chance to chat and mingle before lunch. Once we were seated we leisurely ate our lunch while listening to alternating speeches. The first speech gave us a background on finance; the second speech was by a female entrepreneur talking about how she established her business and then it was back to finance. To finish off the event participants were invited to ask questions relating to finance and were given free product samples in gorgeous packaging.

Women like to meet and chat: this lunch gave us an opportunity to do that. As it was a women-only event we got to ask questions about finance without being patronized. It was enjoyable, we learnt a lot about both finance and skincare. We got to build some new relationships and got to work on existing ones. Most of all, for the first time it was clear the company wanted and needed the female demographic.

What can I do right now to better understand this market?

Go online; it’s that simple. Feel free to check out’s twitter and Facebook fanpage, see whom we’re talking to, how, and how active woman are on online. The next time you are sitting in a boardroom made of mostly of men hammering out how best to market your expensive face cream or phone to women, involve the women in the room.

If Mel Gibson dedicated an entire movie to finding out what women want, then an hour of company time doesn’t seem like much.

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