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Take back control of your Facebook privacy; Jen Aniston is still viral; and learn how to tell your boss that doodling is a good thing

This week on the web brings internet memes; a shark attack ad; a discussion on whether the US is always looking out for a bad guy and more.

September 29, 2011 4:45 by

Jennifer Aniston uses internet memes to sell Smart Water

Okay so it’s taken a while for this ad to actually make its rounds to the Middle East but it’s going viral in the region right now. Back in March, Jennifer Aniston of Friends sitcom fame, gave a nod to all internet memes in an ad for SmartWater.

You’ll recognise some internet personalities there like dancing CGI babes, Double Rainbow guy and lots and lots of puppies.

Winning quote of the 2-minute clip? “I’m here to talk to you about Smart Water,” says Aniston. “But in this day and age, I can’t just do that, can I? … I have to make a video apparently that turns into a virus.”

Has PETA pushed too far?

How do you top an ad campaign that features nude celebrities? Well, PETA is using a recent shark attack as the inspiration for its upcoming advertisement. Hot button topic, indeed. Splashed with the words ‘Payback is hell. Go vegan.’, the ad features a great white shark with a bloody, severed human leg in its mouth.

Do you think PETA’s going too far with this? Well, it may already have had the desired effect with all the publicity they have been getting and the ad hasn’t been official up yet. Shock advertising for what it’s worth.

Take back control of your Facebook privacy

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out the new and questionably improved Facebook timeline and sharing features? Is it making you think of migrating over to G+ (which may have its own issues of privacy and sharing)?

Before you hit that Deactivate Account button, check out this Mashable article on how to take back control of your Facebook privacy settings.

Sunni Brown says get doodling!

Sunni Brown thinks that we are so verbally focused as a species that we shun doodling. In this TED talk, Brown shows the benefits of doodling encourages everyone to do it.

Does the US always need an enemy?

The Pentagon’s annual report on China’s military power prompts the question: Is it U.S. military strategy to seek out the next enemy? Check out this roundtable discussion on’s Command Post.

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