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The Network of Emirati Fashion Designers

The Network of Emirati Fashion Designers

The GCC spends more than $12 billion on fashion in a year and given the booming fashion scene here it isn’t surprising. Kipp takes a look at six up and coming Emirati fashion designers

April 11, 2011 4:55 by

Sultan Al Darmaki Emirati fashion designer recently unveiled the first high-end, internationally stocked shoe brand created by an Emirati. The collection according to The National took 13 months to perfect and consists of “python and suede, emerald, cobalt, scarlet, black, silver and gold, Swarovski-embellished, gold-studded and feather-frilled” shoes.

But that is not all, having recently gifted both Kim Kardashian and Janet Jackson with a pair of his shoes, it was reported that Darmaki’s shoes will part of the excellent gift pack that the celebrities will be the lucky recipients this year at the Dubai International Film Festival.

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