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The Network of Emirati Fashion Designers

The Network of Emirati Fashion Designers

The GCC spends more than $12 billion on fashion in a year and given the booming fashion scene here it isn’t surprising. Kipp takes a look at six up and coming Emirati fashion designers

April 11, 2011 4:55 by

Co founder, owner, and designer of Queen of Spades (boutique located at Galleries Lafayette) Lamya Abedin may be best known for revolutionizing the way the abaya was worn but is treasured for her one of a kind creations: “”No two abayas are the same. My clientele are as special to me as my creations and I understand that every woman wants to stand out in an ensemble of their own. My collections are a reflection of what a fashion-forward woman desires” says Abedin.

Most recently, Lamya Abedin hosted the Queen of Spades fashion show a week ago  at the Samaya Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton DIFC, which featured a variety of show stoppers from France.

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