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The Network of Films Shot in the UAE

The Network of Films Shot in the UAE

Working with international crews is an excellent opportunity for an exchange of cinematic knowledge for local film makers. Here are six such opportunities.

December 6, 2011 4:11 by

And of course, how could we forget local born and bred City of Life-the UAE’s first large-scale, full-length feature film. The multi-lingual ‘urban drama’ film explores themes of race and class divide through the experiences of its three main characters: a privileged young Emirati man, struggling with issues of cultural identity, a disillusioned Indian taxi-driver, and a former Romanian ballet dancer. The budget for the film was a reported $7 million. Director Ali Mostafa is the first Emirati filmmaker to write and direct a film shot entirely in Dubai. When it was premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival its treatment of controversial themes such as sex, alcohol, and violence was the source of much racket.

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